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Giving Back

We're always trying to help out members of our community - whether that be helping them better support their business operations, or by donating our time to help local teachers with their classroom technology.

Bulk Discounts

We understand you’re working within a very tight budget. We’ll make the best recommendations for how to use it, while assuredly saving you a bunch of money in the process.

Staff / Student Discounts

Don’t be scared that your repair is going to be too expensive! Stop in and let us take a look at what needs to get done, and we’ll see where we can cut you a break.

Free Estimates

We’ve been doing this long enough and can quickly tell what’s wrong with your device. Unlike smaller shops who need to charge for exploring issues, we provide this as a courtesy to our customers.

Conveniently Located

We’re located right in Center City, smack dab in the middle of many businesses and schools. Seriously – don’t be shy about stopping by and asking us some questions.

No Monthly Fee

We’d think this should go unsaid, but a number of our existing clients were concerned about monthly costs. No, we don’t charge for the privilege of helping you out.

Timely Repairs

We always get your devices promptly repaired, and offer a solid warranty on the repairs that we perform. If you’ve been putting off much needed repairs, definitely stop by.

Get Started Today

Seriously though, we’re not try to upsell you anything – we’re simply trying to help out our local business & educational community with practical advice at a good price.

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