We Fix Stuff

And, we're pretty good at it. Don't give up on something or spend a ton of money to replace it when often a quick, simple, affordable fix is all it takes.

The Real Deal

While we do keep a storefront of basic products (and often have some great deals on tech products), our main business is repairing the devices you already have. If you stop by and our shop looks empty like this, we're probably fixing something in the back. Often there's a few people waiting around for quick 30 minute repairs - so don't be scared of the line. It goes quick!

Organized Chaos

What exactly does go on behind the scenes with your devices? While this may look cluttered to the untrained eye, we have immediate access to a variety of work stations where we can quickly perform many types of repairs.

Meticulously Detailed

We make sure your repairs are done right the first time. We're also straight forward about what can be fixed vs. what truly may need to be replaced. A number of our clients compare us to a 'trusted mechanic' for their phones and computers.. hey, we'll take it!

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